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Put your pet’s health and wellbeing in #1 place

Accidents and illnesses happen and the cost of medical care is rising rapidly.  Make sure you are able to make the best decisions for your pets without having to worry about the cost of necessary treatments.

The right coverage at the best price - guaranteed.

We search the insurance market to find you the very best priced insurance that also provides the necessary level of coverage for your pet.  So you never need to worry about providing for your pup when needed.

Peace of mind

Nobody loves paying for insurance when their pet is healthy, but everyone is thankful for it when an accident, emergency or illness comes around.  Preparing for the unexpected means you know you can put your pooch’s health first every time.

We search the market for you

Getting the right coverage at the right price is a tedious business.  But just like finding a flight or booking a hotel, we are able to search every insurer and all their policies to quickly find you the best priced policy that fits your individual need and budget.

The 5 Pros of pet insurance

1. Premiums can be really low for young pets.  

If you get it when your pet is healthy, you will save money over time and have peace of mind over your pet’s health

2.  You get to choose your vet

There are no “out of network” provider headaches.  You can choose any vet you want and all eligible expenses should be covered.

3.  Deductibles are reasonable.

Compared to the cost of one late-night animal ER visit, there are plenty of highly affordable plans with low deductibles that mean you are covered right away.

4.  Vet medical costs are rising fast.  No one wants to choose between a sick pet and a mountain of debt.  Affordable insurance guarantees you can make the important health choices when needed.

5.  We make it easy to compare options

Just enter some basic information and we will instantly search the market for policies based on your budget, coverage need, deductibles, reimbursement levels and more.

What customers say

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«Easy website to navigate. Prices much more affordable for the coverage than other insurances.»

Edith C

«Fast easy, didn't have any questions that weren't answered during the sign up process.»

Jennifer T

Your Dog Would Choose Us

Our mission is to provide access to the best health care for your pet.

The right insurance is key.

The right insurance can help to keep your dog healthy and your wallet protected.

Dog insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company

PetPremium is a licensed agent in all 50 states