The Only Pet Membership You Need

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Everything You Need for a Happy Healthy Pet

Food & Treats Up to 40% Off

- The tools to find the right foods

- Access to nutrition experts

- Best prices on all products

Prevention Meds 25% off Vet Prices

- All parasite prevention needs

- Lowest price guaranteed

- Delivered direct to home

Insurance worth having

- Custom plan for healthy pets

- As little as $10 per month

- ZERO copay up to $5k limit

PLUS:  Free 24/7 Online Vets and Nutritionists

AMAZING Membership Benefits

Lock in essential benefits you cannot get elsewhere!

Huge discounts on foods, treats, supplements and more

Find all the best products to meet your pet needs at wholesale prices.  Average savings of $24 per pet per month for most pet parents.

Lowest prices for parasite prevention medications

Get the best possible pricing on essential parasite prevention with zero hassle and great rebates on top.  Unbeatable offer.

Find the best foods at the best prices

Easily compare over 15,000 foods for cost and nutritional quality that will enable you to find the best foods at amazing prices.

Financial protection you can easily afford

Accident coverage for as little as $10/month with Zero copay and annual limit of up to $5,000 at a FRACTION of the cost of regular insurance

Huge savings on Vet bills

Speak to a 10+ year qualified vet within minutes and find out what’s going on with your pet.  70% of issues are resolved without needing a vet visit

Free expert nutritional advice

No need to be your own expert researcher anymore.  Speak to a top nutritionist and get help to decide on the best foods for your pet…

Our NO Risk Guarantee

100% Membership Guarantee

Save 2x your membership or we will refund you and give you the membership for free 

Lowest Price Guarantee

Find product prices cheaper elsewhere and we will refund you the difference

Better Food for Better Value

Use our Food Finder to compare 15,000 foods to find the hidden gems that offer amazing nutrition benefits at incredible prices.  

Cost Compare

See what your food costs you per month and compare with all other foods to find the best value

Nutrition Compare

See how your food ranks for nutritional goodness and find alternatives that give you more for less

Consult an Expert

Speak to one of our expert Nutritionist Veterinarians to help inform and guide your choices.

Insurance for healthy pets

Accident Only cover for as little as $10 per month

ZERO Copay

Insurance pays 100% of the cost of any unexpected accidents or emergencies

$100 deducible

You don’t pay anything.  Insurance covers you from the very 1st penny

$5,000 annual limit

You are covered up to a maximum annual cost of $5k for qualifying accidents

Incredible Monthly Savings


Save 25%

Flea & Tick

Save 25%


Save 25%


Save 40%


Save 40%

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Every Month


Membership Plans

For those of you that spend more than $50 per month on your pets (most people), this membership will save you significant money over the course of the year






Up to 40% Off Marketplace

25% Off Parasite Prevention

Price Guarantee

Food Finder

Cancel at any time





Standard Plan Benefits PLUS

Free Online Vets

Free Nutrition Experts

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